Formal Qualifications obtained.

For full detailed list of qualifications please download a Resume here.

Degree:                            Bachelor of Commerce Honours Marketing Management (Post Graduate Degree) Cum Laude.

Degree:                            Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing Management) Cum Laude.

Qualification:                 Google AdWords Certified professional

Qualification:                 Certificate – Harvard Management Mentor

Qualification:                 Certificate in business management and computing.

Qualification:                 Certificate in Digital Marketing.

Qualification:                 Certificate in Advanced Digital Paid Media.

Qualification:                 Cert 3 Small Business Management

Qualification:                 Cert 4 Small Business Management

Qualification:                 HTML BASIC and ADVANCED

Qualification:                 Advanced MS EXEL & Pivot Tables

Qualification:                 First aid level 1

Private School:               English, Mathematics, Business Economics, Biology, Geography, History.