What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process of building an manipulating a website so that it is ranked higher is Google and will appear near the top of “search results” when a potential customer types certain words into a search engine like Google.

SEO includes 2 important sections:

  • On Page factors – Things you can physically do or change on a website to make it rank better (there are hundreds). E.g Quality Copy and meta data.
  • Off Page factors – Things you can do not on the website to help a website rank (again there are many actions that can be taken). E.g. Link building.

SEO is a great science as it allows a website to acquire new customers and retain current customers without spending anything on advertising.

Together PPC and SEO make up what is called Search Engine Marketing (SEM) often also called inbound marketing.

PPC is the other side of the SEM coin and is essentially paid advertising. You pay when customer click on your add. If done well a combination PPC and SEO strategy are very powerful cost effective tools.

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Learn more about Search and SEO in the below video: