Google bot and Bing bot IP list

I put together this list of Google and Bing bot IP addresses for anyone to use as they please.

Security White-list:

A good use for this list is to add them to your security white-list. Google and Bing at times can often spider a page that is 404. If you have good security in place they may be locked out after a few attempts. If you lock out Google you know what will happen. You will be de-indexed within a day or so.

So how do we keep security up and keep Google and Bing clean?

Google IP address whitelisting

  • Just add the below IP addresses to your white-list so they are not locked out of your website for any reason. (you can also wildcard the IP ranges)
  • Also use any additional list you may find on the net.
  • Be sure to add your own IP to the white-list.
  • Keep monitoring all the IP’s that get locked out and keep adding new Google and Bing IP’s to your personal list. (Bing seems to add new ones more often than Google)

If you do lockout Google then submit your entire site and all major pages to Google for indexing in your Webmaster tools account. Within 2 – 3 days you should see your rankings back to normal (sometimes even better than normal as Google may discover more fresh pages).

Make an alert in Analytics to tell you when visits to your site drop below a threshold. This should alert you of a potential problem of any type (server issues or Google de-index etc).

A good plugin to use for wordpress security is “better WP security”. Be careful how you set it up as it can be tricky. I may do a write-up on correct setup and use later on.

Hope this list and page proves useful.

Google and Bing IP Whitelist:    (last update – 23/3/2014)