The following resume for Richard Weyer was updated on 14th June 2015. Download a PDF resume.  The resume downloadable here does not contain references for privacy reasons and some personal information is omitted. If you would like to view a full CV with references please use the Contact Page to get in touch.

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Main Qualification List:

  • Bachelor of Commerce Honours (Post Graduate) Degree in Marketing management (Cum laude) – University of Johannesburg
  • Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Marketing Management (Cum Laude) – Midrand Graduate Institute
  • Certificate in Digital Marketing – University of Stellenbosh Business School
  • Certificate in Advanced Digital Paid Media (online advertising) – Quirk Education
  • Certificate – Harvard Manage Mentor – Harvard Business
  • Certificate in Business Management and Computing – Damelin
  • Cert 3 in Small Business Management – Australian Institute Of Learning
  • Cert 4 in Small Business Management – Australian Institute Of Learning
  • Google AdWords Certified Professional.
  • View CV for full list.

Memberships List:

  • Quirk Certified Digital Marketer
  • Golden Key International Honour Society
  • University Alumni


Golden Key

Quirk Digital Marketing Accredited

University of johannesburg